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Rules of the Forum

The rules of the forum are to be read and adhered to by all members and guests including administrators and moderators alike.

The Coastal Conservation Group (hereinafter called CCG) shall not accept responsibility for any members or guests posts submitted on the Forum and, any posts by members or guests on the Forum are not necessarily the views or beliefs of the CCG as a whole or in part.

The "Forum" is run and administered outside of the control of the CCG and its dues are not paid for in anyway by the CCG and is funded by the administrator of the "Forum" who has the right if he so wishes to ban any member contravening the Rules of this "Forum" or prevent any persons from joining this "Forum" who may not be acceptable for whatever purpose as he deems fit.

Membership to the "Forum" shall be by invitation only.

1. The Forum is for the use of members and guests which may be viewed by men, women and or children and therefore posts to this Forum should be submitted in a responsible and careful manner.
Any posts deemed to be inappropriate for reasons of lewdness, racist, political or anti-social views which may offend others may be deleted or edited by the administrator or moderator with out consent of the author.

2. Do not use the Forum to attack or insult another person's post or their views. If a post is submitted that you disagree with please first contact the person responsible for the post by PM not in public and ask them to clarify their view or point of issue. If you are still aggrieved contact the moderator or admin to resolve the problem. Always remember to be tolerant of other people's views unless it conflicts with rule 1. and to be aware guests as well as members are viewing the posts.

3. Strictly no obscene or banal language or photographic material which may cause offence to others.

4. Where possible please use the correct Category to submit your posts in. This does not have to be ahered to strictly as some posts on this type of Forum can lie between to subjects and this can be rectified by moving it to different category but may be without notice given.

5. The CCG admin or moderator(s) reserve the right to delete or edit any posts that contravene any of the rules above and to take action in suspending or banning members at the discretion of the CCG commitee who disregard the rules of the Forum.


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