Hannah, Woody and me

Hi All

Got to thinking about a blogging about the walk I do everyday or almost everyday and which is nearly always accompanied by my dog Hannah a (Hungarian Vizsla gundog) and nearly always involves a 3 mile walk along the Leas to Marsden Bay and back. If the tide and the weather is OK we some times walk through Marsden Bay taking the Velvet Beds steps down into the Bay and walking back up to the Leas via Camel Island. If I am feeling up to it I sometimes do it in reverse and run (yes run) up the steps and have a minor heart attack when I reach the top.

Hannah who is now 12yrs old has gotten to the stage where she is slowing down and feeling the years which I think makes her in dog years as 84, so she's not too bad for an old 'un.

Knowing that one day Hannah is no longer going to be able to come along on this fantastic walk which for the people who have never done the Leas walk regularly can I just say you don't know what you are missing.

Everday is different, changeing with the seasons and the weather and the cloud and sea formations is spectacular. Then there are the other dog walkers to chat to, migratory birds popping up every now and again and the odd grey seal making a welcome appearance from time to time along the shoreline. What more can a man and his dog ask for.

It was at this point that realising the dogs age and not wanting to walk alone on my favourite walk that I hatched a cunning plan and bought the wife a new dog for Christmas which she loved. I didn't tell her that I was dumping her old dog (no not literally) justing retiring her from long walks but I needed a replacement as a walk is not a proper walk without a dog by your side for company. Hannah had served me well over 12 yrs and been on 12 - 15 mile walks over the Cheviots, Lakes, Teeside and Weardale but sadly I think I have walked the poor dogs legs down to stumps.

Last weekend the wife and I went down to Norfolk to pick up (her) Xmas present from a lady who breeds Hungarian Vizslas and for anyone who doesn't know what a Vizsla looks like think of a Pointer but with just one colour russet brown or burnt toast medium build. The breed were introduced into Britain during the seconf world war when the Nazi's were invading Hungary, bombing and destroying everything and when this happens animals take a back seat and are usually decimated with little food to go around the people can't afford to feed themselves let alone dogs. It was at this time breeders over here decided to take in so many of the Vizslas in order to preserve the breed and the wealthy landowners after the war picked up on the breed know as HPR's or hunter pointer retriever as they are capable of doing all three and landowners thought they would do away with half of their dogs, like labradors, retreivers, spaniels etc that they used for hunting and use a single breed the vizsla instead.

Anyway we brought Woody home last Saturday and he is now 8 weeks old. We (I) called him Woody mainly because the three women in the house the wife and two daughters wanted to call him Jefferey, or some other silly name to which point I put my foot down (quick look over the shoulder) the wifes not watching me type this ...phew. Can you imagine me calling for Jeffrey on the Leas.. no neither could I.

At the moment Woody is housebound until he has all of his jabs to prevent picking up germs and disease and I will have to be patient for him to grow and be physically strong to be able to walk / run three or four mile at a time otherwise they can damage their bones and joints.

I hope to be able to continue giving you updates of our walking adventure together.

picture of Woody



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