Considering we've only been together as a group, for less than a year, I'm sure everyone would agree we've come on ‘leaps and bounds’ in that short space of time. As well as the activities listed below, we've held monthly meetings, unofficial gatherings etc, where we've made huge efforts to push the group forward.... We've also completed an enormous amount of 'invisible work’ behind the scenes (it's a long story), but hopefully it will have all been well worth the time and effort, if our aims for improvements to wildlife habitats in Whitburn Coastal Park are achieved...... Anyway, here we go......



1, (Saturday August 28th 2010) group members dug up six surplus Sea Buckthorn shrubs in Whitburn Coastal Park and replanted them in Trow Quarry, this was considered to be purely ‘test planting’ in the hope that a transplanting project on a much larger scale could be carried out during the autumn and winter months.

2, (Saturday 18th September 2010) group members took part in a major litter pick/clean up of Marsden Bay. This was to assist the Marine Conservation Society with their annual ‘National beach cleaning day’.

3, (Saturday 25th September 2010) group members spent the afternoon cutting ‘woodland rides’ through the overgrown trees on the large mound at Whitburn Coastal Park. This was in order to allow more light to reach the woodland floor and regenerate new growth at lower levels, which greatly improves the habitat for all wildlife in there.

4, (Sunday October 10th 2010) group members assisted South Tyneside Council’s Countryside Team in a major clean up of Primrose LNR in Jarrow, this involved removing huge quantities of day to day litter, scrap metal, broken glass etc, as well as dismantling and destroying temporary wooden shelters which were built by local youths and used as dens for drinking/drug taking.

5, (Sunday 17th October 2010) the group supplied a new steel sluice gate for use during the flooding & draining of Boldon Flats LNR. The gate was also fitted ‘on site’ by group members.

6, (Saturday 23 October 2010) group members collected and disposed of vast amounts of broken glass from Boldon Flats LNR, the glass had been accidentally, but unavoidably brought to the surface during recent council ground works to improve the site.

7, (Saturday 30th October 2010) group members continued cutting ‘woodland rides’ through the large mound at Whitburn coastal park.

8, (Saturday 6th November 2010) group members planted 400 shrubs on an area of South Shields leas. The shrubs will eventually provide food, cover and nesting places for the local birds and wildlife.

9, (Saturday 20th November 2010) group members made emergency repairs to the new sluice gate at Boldon flats after water levels were noticed to be receding. Vandalism/sabotage is the suspected cause of the water loss, or could it just be poor design? - Reat assured, Time will tell, and the work will continue!

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